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Our Mission

Our mission at Occasional Wine is to provide selections of wines for any level enthusiast from those whose interest in wine is just starting to grow to those seasoned aficionados looking for new ways to explore. With our wine club subscriptions, we promise to bring you a unique selections of wines with stories, character, and flavors that really set them apart from what you might find in your local liquor store or wine shop.  Each allocation will bring a fresh set of unique wines from around the world that may be limited production offerings or simply selections we believe distinguish themselves from other wines.  We never rest...


Start Experiencing Unique Wines Today 

  • What are your Return and Exchange Policies?
    We accept returns for defective wines only (i.e. shipping damage), please contact us if you encounter an issue and we're happy to work with you. Exchanges are only available for still-corked bottles, and customer must pay for return shipping.
  • What happens if I do not like any of the wines?
    We guarantee that all of our wines are free from taint. Should you receive a corked bottle, please let us know and we will replace it at no additional cost to you.
  • Can I join more than one club?
    Of course. Try all levels!
  • Can I order more of a specific wine if I love it?
    Yes. If we have the inventory, you are welcome to do as much of it as you like while supply lasts.
  • When do the wines ship?
    There are 2 allocations of 6 bottles each per year - 1 in the Spring and 1 in the Fall. We will also ship for special requests throughout the year, weather permitting. Individual "Anytime" wines typically ship with two business days.
  • Do you ship outside the United States?
    Not yet. Apologies.
  • Can I customize my allocations?
    Not for the Spring and Fall allocations, but we welcome you to order more of the wines you love, as long as we have supplies.
  • Are there limits to how much wine I can order outside of the allocations?
    No, inventory is the only limitation. If we have it and you want it, it’s yours.
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