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Wine glass filled with the wine alongside it
Grapes in winery yard

Why we do it

Our founder Nate Walz first fell in love with wine as a bartender in an Italian restaurant in the ‘90s, which required him to know their wine list up and down. Over the past decade, his love for wine has grown into a passion.  What started with pursuing a California Wine Appellation Specialist (CWAS) certification, has grown into a bit of a learning obsession.  Now he's earned Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), French Wine Scholar (FWS), Italian Wine Scholar (IWS), Spanish Wine Scholar (SWS), and Sommelier certifications.  Calm down, bro!


Prior to the pandemic, vacations had tended toward countries or regions where quality wine and food were a big part of the itinerary, and many weekends were spent doing tastings up and down the California coast.  Over the past couple of years, weekly wine tastings with local wine pros, collectors, and friends became a respite from the pandemic.  More than this, these tastings continued to open doors to new and different wines from every corner of the world, never satisfying what continues to be a growing love for not just tasting wine, but learning everything about where it came from - the soils, climates, winemakers, history, etc. 


Now here we are starting this little venture, this labor of love that serves as a way to share this joy of wine with as many people as possible.

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